Senior portraits - Winter Park, FL

You know when someone introduces you to a great location and you can't wait to share it with someone else?!  That's how it was when Emily introduced me to Hannibal Square in Winter Park, FL. We had such a good time there during her senior session, I couldn't wait to head back there again.  So when Kloe and her mom, Crystal, asked me for recommendations for photo locations in that area - I couldn't resist including Hannibal Square.  I was so thrilled when that's the spot they chose!  I knew it would be quiet, beautiful and picturesque for Kloe's senior shoot.  

It truly did not disappoint!  Kloe was a natural in front of the camera.  Her stunning beauty and easy going spirit made our time together so much fun!!

Here are a few of my favorites :)

Kloe senior-5.jpg
Kloe senior-13.jpg
Kloe senior-16.jpg
Kloe senior-48.jpg
Kloe senior-22.jpg
Kloe senior-46.jpg
Kloe senior-9.jpg
Kloe senior-41.jpg

It's only a few short months before Kloe is off on a new adventure at USF.  I'm so excited for her and what her future holds. 

Congratulations, Kloe! And best wishes to the class of 2018!!

Senior portraits - Melbourne Beach, FL

It's been too quiet on here lately.  But don't mistake that for a quiet time of year.  There's a lot going on over here and I'd love to include you in the fun! :)

Let me catch you up a bit by sharing some highlights from a recent senior portrait session.  Melbourne Beach is a quaint nearby town nestled in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River.  That means the option of having a portrait session start on the beach and wind up at the river in time for a sunset is a very doable idea.  And that's exactly what we did with Caroline!

Caroline senior-3.jpg
Caroline senior-5.jpg
Caroline senior-9.jpg

I love that she included her dog as well!

Caroline senior-13.jpg
Caroline senior-31.jpg
Caroline senior-32.jpg
Caroline senior-35.jpg
Caroline senior-47.jpg

And then the sun set on our photo session!

It was such a fun time together!  These are the sessions that make my heart beat fast.  I hope you can scheduled a time with me soon.  I'd love to connect with you :)

Senior portraits - Winter Park, FL

I know I've said this before.  In fact, I would venture to guess I've said this every time I walk away from another senior portrait session.  "I absolutely love photo sessions with seniors!"  I love the age, the enthusiasm, the energy, the creativity.  I'm never quite sure who has more fun, me or the senior!  

This session was no exception. Emily asked for an urban setting, so we met in Winter Park on Park Avenue.  What a portrait playground!  So many options.  She brought her ukulele, a couple of outfits and a heart ready for adventure :)

Here are just a few of my favorites from that perfect afternoon.

Emily Joseph-2.jpg
Emily Joseph-25.jpg
Emily Joseph-19.jpg
Emily Joseph-21.jpg
Emily Joseph-7.jpg
Emily Joseph-32.jpg
Emily Joseph-40.jpg
Emily Joseph-37.jpg

Emily has some very exciting adventures for her on the horizon.  For now, I'm so grateful I could spend this evening with her and her mom and sister.  Sweet memories were made and captured before the next chapter of her life begins.

Congratulations, Emily!

Family portrait session - Cocoa Beach, FL

When you live in Florida, it's not uncommon for extended family to come down here to visit.  I mean, why not?  The weather is gorgeous, the beaches are sunny and beautiful, and you can still wear flip flops in the middle of winter.

Most of this family already lives here in Florida.  When their sister and her family came down for a visit over the holidays, they decided to schedule a family portrait session and save some of these memories.  

They had a small window of opportunity that, unfortunately, fell right in the middle of the day.  But we made the most of it and captured some great images in the midst of it all.

Jacobs family-1.jpg
Jacobs family-40.jpg
Jacobs family-5.jpg

I'll usually get some group shots first, when everybody is still fresh and ready to pose.

But it doesn't take long to turn the kids loose and just let them play and enjoy their surroundings.  I keep the camera ready and just keep shooting!

Jacobs family-19.jpg
Jacobs family-13.jpg
Jacobs family-34.jpg
Jacobs family-8.jpg
Jacobs family-47.jpg
Jacobs family-14.jpg

These times when everyone is together . . . .they get more and more rare. 

So these moments are worth hanging onto . . . for a lifetime!

Family portrait session - Satellite Beach, FL

Family reunions can really be a lot of fun to photograph.  All the different dynamics and personalities tend to translate into some great moments.  When this family contacted me to set up a session over the holidays, I don't think I fully realized just how much joy they would bring that day.  

The beach was a perfect setting with the beautiful blue sky and fluffy clouds overhead.  The crashing waves and sandcastles were the final touches to a fantastic late afternoon. 

Pastoor family-6.jpg
Pastoor family-7.jpg
Pastoor family-22.jpg
Pastoor family-30.jpg

I loved this idea!! 

They reenacted a family photo that they took when the kids were much younger.  I gave them a black and white version to match the older photo on their wall.

Pastoor family-34.jpg
Pastoor family-16.jpg
Pastoor family-43.jpg
Pastoor family-24.jpg
Pastoor family-63.jpg

Winter in Florida is best shared with those you love!

Couples portraits - Turkey Creek Sanctuary

I've been photographing these two since they went to prom together back in 2016.  Last year we did more of an urban feel to their photo session.  This year they were looking for more of a forest-like feel with lots of trees.  Not a problem!  So many options right here in our own area.  We headed out towards Turkey Creek Sanctuary in search of a beautifully wooded area.  Success!

Here are a few of my favorites from that evening.


Don't wait for a milestone to schedule a photo session. 

Every day is a gift that's worth savoring.  Let me capture yours :)

This is my why . . .

I've recently taken more time to intentionally consider why I do the things I do.  Why do I love photography so much?  And why am I especially so energized by capturing pictures of people? 

I'm a mom to three boys (okay, seriously, they're men now!).  But I know from firsthand experience that the time period between these two pictures will happen faster than you think.

If you're in the middle of the toddler years, I'm sure you've been told countless times, "these years will pass so fast".  Changing diapers, wiping runny noses, and dealing with temper tantrums sometimes make it feel like time stands still.  But it doesn't. And, as they grow older, time seems to speed by exponentially.  Before you know it, they're moving out, heading off to college and beginning lives of their own.  

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Last New Year's Eve, my father passed away after losing his battle with Parkinson's disease.  Earlier that summer, I was able to fly out to Colorado to see him.  I wasn't sure how much we would be able to communicate with one another, as the disease was already impacting his alertness and short-term memory.  I had brought some pictures with me of our times together in years past.  It was those early pictures that opened the window of his mind for a short yet sweet period of time.  Just long enough for the two of us to communicate our love and appreciation for each other one last time.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The beauty of the photograph is that it captures a moment in time that will never come again.  And, as I saw with my Dad, it also gives birth to a moment that might otherwise never be remembered.  

Rodriguez family '17-45.jpg
Ghosal family-15.jpg
Cooper family-9.jpg
Flatley family-40.jpg
Simmons family-20.jpg
Kayla and Olivia-3.jpg
Hill family-10.jpg

This . . . this is my why.  To capture those moments throughout your journey.  To remind you that these people you've surrounded yourself with are a gift. To show you that these days are worth remembering.

Capture those moments - these precious and personal moments - for they will never come again!



Senior portraits - Gleason Park

I know I've mentioned this before - but I absolutely love senior photo sessions!  The creativity and energy in that age group is such a kick to work with.  I will always bring photo ideas to any session, but I've noticed it doesn't take long for a senior to jump in with some fabulous ideas of their own.  

When I met with Savannah at a nearby park, I knew we would have a lot fun and be able to capture some great images.  


We had such a great time!  And I love how relaxed she was in front of the camera!!


Total added bonus - her dog wound up in the shoot as well!


If you're a senior in high school, I would love to share some time with you and capture some great memories.  This year will go faster than you can imagine.  Give me a call and reserve your spot.  You'll be walking down that graduation aisle before you know it! ;)

Head shots for business

Almost everyone needs a good head shot these days.  Whether it's for business cards, resumes, websites or profile pics for a multitude of social media accounts - we all need a good picture of our lovely face to show others who we are.  

When Sandra came to me for head shots, she wanted something that would be different and unique.  Something that would catch your eye and make her business profile stand out.  I think she nailed it - and looked amazing to top it off!!

Sandra headshots-8.jpg
Sandra headshots-26.jpg
Sandra headshots-27.jpg
Sandra headshots-12.jpg
Sandra headshots-18.jpg

Sandra is a realtor and can be found here 

Be sure to give her a call for any real estate needs.

And give me a call when you're ready for some beautiful, unique head shots!!



Senior portraits - Rollins College

These two beauties were the perfect combination for a fun photo session - sisters AND seniors! I couldn't be happier :)  Then when they decided on Rollins College for the location, I knew it would be a very memorable afternoon.  

We chased the light together until the sun had set.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Kayla and Olivia-5.jpg
Kayla and Olivia-4.jpg
Kayla and Olivia-9.jpg

Of course, we made time for individual portraits as well. 

These two were incredible models!


Cheers to the class of 2018!!

Family portrait session - Orlando, Florida

Fall in Florida is still very warm.  While other parts of the country may be hugging pumpkin spice lattes and wearing boots and scarfs; we are often still wearing flip flops and running our A/C.  Thankfully, when I met this family for a photo session, it was breezy and a bit cooler.  When they showed up wearing some beautifully coordinated fall colors, I knew their pictures would be vibrant.  When they were all willing to climb a tree for a family photo - I knew I'd hit the jackpot!  What a great evening together with Mike and Michelle and their two boys. 

Hill family-17.jpg
Hill family-23.jpg
Hill family-7.jpg
Hill family-16.jpg
Hill family-33.jpg
Hill family-49.jpg

Happy Fall from Florida!!

Baby shower - Eau Gallie Yacht Club

When you're welcoming twin girls into the world, you can imagine there will be a lot of pink at the baby shower.  But this baby shower was beyond anything I could imagine.  The decor was top notch and breathtaking.  The food was delicious. The presents numbered too many to even open in one sitting.  And the love and support that await these sweet girls before they're even born, is impressive to say the least.  

The Eau Gallie Yacht Club was the perfect setting for this special occasion.  Here are a few glimpses from that sweet morning.

Chelsea's baby shower-48.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-12.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-45.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-28.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-58.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-11.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-49.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-26.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-33.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-94.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-97.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-123.jpg

Congratulations, Chelsea!  I know your babies will be well loved!!

Chelsea's baby shower-122.jpg