Senior portrait session - Melbourne

I always get excited about taking pictures of people in their element and it's even more fun when your subject is enjoying it as well.  Cale is a creative musician and has some great ideas.  When he proposed taking some of his senior pictures with his drumset at an outdoor setting, I couldn't wait to make it happen!  

We found the perfect grassy park with a creek nearby and the setting sun.  Cale even provided the music while I captured the moments on camera.

He was also interested in taking some portraits without his drumset.  I, of course, was happy to oblige.  I've known Cale since day one :) These days are bittersweet as I see his time at home coming to an end, but I'm thrilled that I could share these moments with him.  It's a joy to see who he has become over the years.

Thanks for being such a fun subject, Cale!  Cheers to you and the adventures that await you.  Much love for you always! :)