A Walk to Remember

This past Saturday I had the honor of photographing an event for an amazing group of people.  I wasn't even aware of their organization a month ago, but a friend mentioned to me that they were in need of a photographer to come and document the events of the morning for them.  After finding their website and realizing what their purpose was - I was eager to lend a helping hand.  

This is their mission statement:  

"Cherishing the Journey is here to offer comfort and guidance to parents who lovingly continue their pregnancy after receiving a negative prenatal diagnosis for their baby, as well as parents who have experienced the loss of an infant. We believe that each child is a gift, and we wish to help families honor their beloved baby by providing memory items, support, and resources."

Their website gives much more information and I'd encourage you to check it out if you or someone you know of is in need of the support they are able to offer.

It was clear to me that this group was a loving, supportive community.  The friendships that have been forged in the midst of their grief are strong.  

The leadership behind Cherishing the Journey did such a beautiful job planning the entire morning.  There really was something for everyone to take part in - a memory walk, crafts, the angel wall, a bounce house, face painting, the reading of names and even a butterfly release.   

Check out the services that Cherishing the Journey has to offer.  Or, if possible, see how you can help them reach out to those in need.  You will all be richly blessed through it, no doubt.

Because "each child is a gift" . . .