Family portrait session - Lake Eola, Orlando

I had the honor of doing a photo session for an extended family right after Christmas.  It included a mother and father with their three children and their children's children.  It was four different family units which, altogether, included eight adults and eight children.  So we had one adult for each child - pretty good coverage I'd say! :)

After taking some pictures of the entire group, we were able to capture some photos of individual families and different combinations within those families.  

 Here's a favorite of mine.  All eight of the grandchildren with their amazing grandparents.  What a joy for them to have all of these kids together.  This was a time when I wished I had a second shooter to capture the antics of the children's parents behind me as they tried to make all of their kids smile for the picture.  

And sometimes you need to just let kids (and grandparents!) let loose and have fun!!

Afterwards, because the kids had done such an awesome job with all the posing and smiling, they were rewarded with a trip to the nearby playground.  I, of course, followed them in hopes of capturing some fun action shots.  

I tend to really favor the images that I capture at the end of the session.  I think it's because everyone has relaxed and their true smiles and emotions shine through.

What a great way to end a beautiful morning with a very delightful family! :)