Family portrait session - Rossetter House, Melbourne

I was recently invited to join an adorable two year old and her parents at a beautiful venue right here in my own town.  We met at the historic Rossetter House for a portrait session.  The Rossetter House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The well maintained gardens and sprawling front porch are the perfect backdrops for a lovely photo session. 

You can even bring along a fluffy teddy bear to join you if you'd like!

There is also a lovely white gazebo tucked away in a corner.  This is the perfect spot to try out your dance moves.

After exploring the north lawn and front porch, we moved the celebration to the south lawn and set up a tea party.  The teddy bear guest was very accommodating and patiently waited for tea to be served.  

Turning two can be exhausting!

Thankfully the gardens at the Rossetter House provided the perfect peaceful setting for a quick catnap.

If you're in the area, I would highly recommend you check out this historic gem in Melbourne, Florida.  And if you're interested in a portrait session at this location, be sure and give me a call!