Prom portraits - Orlando

Prom season has come and mostly gone from our area here in Florida.  I had the privilege of sharing the beginning of a special evening with a fantastic couple before they headed off to a night of dancing and celebrating.  

We found a beautiful park in Orlando.  It was fairly quiet with large oak trees, winding pathways and a stunning white bridge.  A perfect backdrop to compliment her gorgeous red gown and his sharp suit.

These two were totally at ease around each other and it was easy to just capture them enjoying one another's company.

If you're comfortable with a camera around you - it really makes for some great images.  If you need some time to warm up to the idea, I completely understand and will do my best to make you feel less intimidated.  I want you to walk away after our photo session together with not only great images to enjoy and share with others, but also with great memories of a fun pocket of time in your life.  

The individual captures on prom night are nice to have as well!

I love to capture genuine smiles and laughter.  These two made it so easy for me!

These are just a handful of the many images I was able to capture that late afternoon with this fun couple.  We also did more photos at her house around the piano.  Before I sign off from this post, I need to share just one more of my favorites.  With the highly polished black car sitting under the shade of the oak trees . . . it was just begging for a classy photo :)

Give me a call!  Let's have some fun together!!