Miscellaneous Moments

Has it honestly been three months since I blogged here?!  Where has the time gone?  Where have I been?  

Well, for starters, I shot some photo booth fun back in February

Listened to some amazing local talent (keep your eye out for this girl - she's going places!)

Captured some hard working soccer players as the beachside sun was setting.  

Stopped to soak in a sunset (or two) on the river

And even made a trip out to Colorado for some senior pictures, beautiful scenery and some excellent time with family (which included mountain climbing, rock climbing and lots of snow!!)


I'm back home now at the Space Coast of Florida.  Where rockets are launched just up the road.

And now we're in the midst of prom season and graduation.  Stop by again soon for some highlights from those events.  

And be sure to give me a call soon to capture the highlights from your seasons of your life!!