Family portrait session - Orlando

I went to a meeting a few weeks back and the speaker challenged us to ask ourselves why we take pictures.  It's an excellent question that I have been pondering ever since that evening.  I know one aspect of why I do it.  I love to spend time with people, communicate value to them, and give them something to remember that day together.  

To freeze that moment in time when their son is still young enough to not tower over them in a family portrait.

Or a tender moment between a brother and a sister.

Because each day is a gift and each moment is so fleeting.  It's easy to get lost in the day in and day out struggles.  When things just aren't going as perfectly planning.

But, t's moments like this . . . when for a sweet, innocent pocket of time, the world slows down and you see her stop and look right into the camera - with her big brown eyes and her button nose . . .

And you realize you've frozen that moment - that stage in their life when their daughter was two.  Her parents can go back and look at it anytime they'd like now.  They can pull it out when she's graduating from high school and they have already forgotten those sweet, pudgy cheeks. Or when she moves away from home and they wonder, "Where did the time go?  When did the kids grow up??".

Any parent has heard this countless times - but as one who is standing on the edge of an almost empty nest - they honestly and truly do grow up fast!  Savor each moment. 

Hug your sons!

Cherish your daughters!

And thank you for allowing me the privilege to share these sweet moments with you and your loved ones!  I really do count it an honor!!