Family sunrise portrait session - Cocoa Beach

I love the beach!  You would think that living so close to the sand and ocean would mean that I'm there all the time.  Unfortunately, after living here for twelve years now, I have to pretty much schedule a beach date or it doesn't happen.  

Taking pictures at the beach can be good and bad.  The sun can add the perfect lighting - depending on the time of day.  The sand can wreak havoc on my camera equipment if I'm not careful.  The wind may or may not be an issue and you often have to just go to the beach to test it out.  All this to say - I'm more than happy to meet you at the beach for a portrait session, and if the elements there aren't working for us, we can always move the session elsewhere!

Thankfully, when I met this family at the beach recently, it turned out to be the perfect setting.

The weather couldn't be better and the beach was relatively quiet.  And these two boys were such good sports about the whole thing!  They were up and out of their warm beds before the sun was even close to rising.  

I was so impressed with how happy and compliant they were the entire time!

We had plenty of time to get individual portraits as well as some beautiful family portraits.

And we couldn't resist rolling up the pants and doing some splashing through the water!!

It was such a perfect morning with an amazing family!

I'd love to schedule a beach session with you as well :)  Give me a call and let's pick a date!

It's always worth it to get your toes a little sandy!!