Cousin portrait session - Melbourne

There is something special about cousins.  Whether you live near each other or not, you share a family connection.  You may spend holidays together off and on while growing up.  You may spend a lot of time together or just the occasional gathering.  Either way, the relationships between cousins are unique and often times very special.  

I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with four great teenagers who, also, just happened to be cousins!

The two oldest ones were about to start college and the two youngest ones were about to start high school.  What an exciting time for each of them!

We had a great time with different combinations of all four cousins, sibling pictures and individual shots of each of them.

You probably can't tell from these photos, but it was incredibly hot that afternoon.  So, in between posing and smiling, they would run back to their cars and sit in the air conditioning. Their moms had the rotations and clothing changes down to quite an art :)  

But, most importantly, they had a fun time and it shows in their pictures.  That's what I love to capture!!

I love it when your natural joy and beauty shines through!