Extended family portraits

Family portrait session - Cocoa Beach, FL

When you live in Florida, it's not uncommon for extended family to come down here to visit.  I mean, why not?  The weather is gorgeous, the beaches are sunny and beautiful, and you can still wear flip flops in the middle of winter.

Most of this family already lives here in Florida.  When their sister and her family came down for a visit over the holidays, they decided to schedule a family portrait session and save some of these memories.  

They had a small window of opportunity that, unfortunately, fell right in the middle of the day.  But we made the most of it and captured some great images in the midst of it all.

Jacobs family-1.jpg
Jacobs family-40.jpg
Jacobs family-5.jpg

I'll usually get some group shots first, when everybody is still fresh and ready to pose.

But it doesn't take long to turn the kids loose and just let them play and enjoy their surroundings.  I keep the camera ready and just keep shooting!

Jacobs family-19.jpg
Jacobs family-13.jpg
Jacobs family-34.jpg
Jacobs family-8.jpg
Jacobs family-47.jpg
Jacobs family-14.jpg

These times when everyone is together . . . .they get more and more rare. 

So these moments are worth hanging onto . . . for a lifetime!

Family portrait session - Satellite Beach, FL

Family reunions can really be a lot of fun to photograph.  All the different dynamics and personalities tend to translate into some great moments.  When this family contacted me to set up a session over the holidays, I don't think I fully realized just how much joy they would bring that day.  

The beach was a perfect setting with the beautiful blue sky and fluffy clouds overhead.  The crashing waves and sandcastles were the final touches to a fantastic late afternoon. 

Pastoor family-6.jpg
Pastoor family-7.jpg
Pastoor family-22.jpg
Pastoor family-30.jpg

I loved this idea!! 

They reenacted a family photo that they took when the kids were much younger.  I gave them a black and white version to match the older photo on their wall.

Pastoor family-34.jpg
Pastoor family-16.jpg
Pastoor family-43.jpg
Pastoor family-24.jpg
Pastoor family-63.jpg

Winter in Florida is best shared with those you love!

Family portrait session - Satellite Beach, FL

This summer has been full, and it seems to be a common feeling from most everyone I talk to.  Our summer days always appear to go by too fast and are gone before we know it.  No doubt,  these days are filled with traveling, along with family and friends visiting from out of town.  When you have extended family come to town, it's always a great idea to capture those times together on camera. I met with this family the day before their parents/grandparents were due to fly back home. We wanted to get some great family shots before they had to say goodbye.

And some of my favorites  . . .  :)

Be sure to take the time to capture some memories on camera while everyone is together.  It's always worthwhile!!

Family portrait session - Cocoa Beach, Florida

The weather recently has been hit or miss as far as rain.  When I scheduled a portrait session with this family we knew we had a 50/50 chance of getting rained out.  Nevertheless, we continued to move forward and plan the time together.  Even within an hour of our meeting time, it was still raining off and on and we weren't sure it was going to happen.  By the time we connected it had slowed down to a drizzle and we ventured to the beach for a delightfully cooler evening - and no rain :) 

As you can see, this family is incredibly photogenic.  I so enjoyed our time together!  And their dog . . . so cool!!

Don't let the possibility of rain stop you from scheduling a portrait session.  We'll make the most of our time together.

And it just might wear the dog out too! ;)

Cousin portrait session - Melbourne

There is something special about cousins.  Whether you live near each other or not, you share a family connection.  You may spend holidays together off and on while growing up.  You may spend a lot of time together or just the occasional gathering.  Either way, the relationships between cousins are unique and often times very special.  

I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with four great teenagers who, also, just happened to be cousins!

The two oldest ones were about to start college and the two youngest ones were about to start high school.  What an exciting time for each of them!

We had a great time with different combinations of all four cousins, sibling pictures and individual shots of each of them.

You probably can't tell from these photos, but it was incredibly hot that afternoon.  So, in between posing and smiling, they would run back to their cars and sit in the air conditioning. Their moms had the rotations and clothing changes down to quite an art :)  

But, most importantly, they had a fun time and it shows in their pictures.  That's what I love to capture!!

I love it when your natural joy and beauty shines through!

Family portrait session - Lake Eola, Orlando

I had the honor of doing a photo session for an extended family right after Christmas.  It included a mother and father with their three children and their children's children.  It was four different family units which, altogether, included eight adults and eight children.  So we had one adult for each child - pretty good coverage I'd say! :)

After taking some pictures of the entire group, we were able to capture some photos of individual families and different combinations within those families.  

 Here's a favorite of mine.  All eight of the grandchildren with their amazing grandparents.  What a joy for them to have all of these kids together.  This was a time when I wished I had a second shooter to capture the antics of the children's parents behind me as they tried to make all of their kids smile for the picture.  

And sometimes you need to just let kids (and grandparents!) let loose and have fun!!

Afterwards, because the kids had done such an awesome job with all the posing and smiling, they were rewarded with a trip to the nearby playground.  I, of course, followed them in hopes of capturing some fun action shots.  

I tend to really favor the images that I capture at the end of the session.  I think it's because everyone has relaxed and their true smiles and emotions shine through.

What a great way to end a beautiful morning with a very delightful family! :)

Family portrait session - Melbourne

Wow, an entire month has passed and I've been too quiet on here!!  This is when I'm supposed to say I've made a New Year's resolution to blog promptly, right?!  :)  

December was a fun month that included a number of large families.  The holidays usually provide a great excuse to get together and celebrate.  When Susan contacted me to set up a photo session with all of her kids, their spouses and a grandbaby - I knew I was in for a treat!  Our original plan was to go to the beach.  I know of a great location with sandy dunes where it's relatively quiet.  We watched the weather all week in hopes of a perfect day for it; however, that was not the case.  When photo day arrived, it was windy and cloudy with occasional rain.  That's okay!  One of the keys to a good photo session is flexibility and being able to roll with the changes.  After some phone calls back and forth we changed the game plan to a park that was more inland, but still provided some natural beauty.

This family was such a delight to be around.  Their coordinated colors and easy smiles made my afternoon so much fun.  

We had plenty of time to capture some photos of individual couples.  Aren't these two stunning?!

And this cute, little peanut . .  .I could capture pictures of her all day long.  What a doll!!

So, don't let the weather ruin your photo session.  It might still be doable with the right location.  Let's get together and capture some memories!