Senior portraits - Rollins College

These two beauties were the perfect combination for a fun photo session - sisters AND seniors! I couldn't be happier :)  Then when they decided on Rollins College for the location, I knew it would be a very memorable afternoon.  

We chased the light together until the sun had set.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Kayla and Olivia-5.jpg
Kayla and Olivia-4.jpg
Kayla and Olivia-9.jpg

Of course, we made time for individual portraits as well. 

These two were incredible models!


Cheers to the class of 2018!!

Family portrait session - Orlando, Florida

Fall in Florida is still very warm.  While other parts of the country may be hugging pumpkin spice lattes and wearing boots and scarfs; we are often still wearing flip flops and running our A/C.  Thankfully, when I met this family for a photo session, it was breezy and a bit cooler.  When they showed up wearing some beautifully coordinated fall colors, I knew their pictures would be vibrant.  When they were all willing to climb a tree for a family photo - I knew I'd hit the jackpot!  What a great evening together with Mike and Michelle and their two boys. 

Hill family-17.jpg
Hill family-23.jpg
Hill family-7.jpg
Hill family-16.jpg
Hill family-33.jpg
Hill family-49.jpg

Happy Fall from Florida!!

Family portrait session - near Cocoa, FL

I've known this family for years.  So when their oldest daughter contacted me and said she and her brother wanted to gift a photo session to their mom for Mother's Day, I was very excited!!  

We chose a beautiful park just west of Cocoa.  The storm clouds were rolling in and we pretty much had the entire park to ourselves.  When the rain did hit, we easily dashed under a covered pavilion and waited it out.  The sun was back and shining within a few minutes.  

I loved their energy and enthusiasm throughout our whole time together.  It made for some very fun photos!

I had such a great time with this family!

Give me a call when you're ready to schedule a fun portrait session.  It will be so worth it!! :)

Senior portrait session - Melbourne Beach

One of my very favorite types of photo sessions are senior portrait sessions.  I love that special age when you're in your final year of high school and getting ready to head off to college or wherever the next chapter in your life will lead.  There are so many possibilities and opportunities in front of you.  Even as many moms are reluctant to see this season arrive, you can just feel the energy and excitement in the seniors as they get ready to advance to the next step.  I've been there as a mom, so I can understand the struggle.  But I just love the enthusiasm that's evident in the heart of the seniors.  

The morning of this photo shoot was a bit on the cold side, but Hannah was up for the chill and looked absolutely stunning.

I'm so excited for what's ahead for you, Hannah!  UCF will be a better place with you as a student!  Best wishes to you and the years ahead!!

Family portrait session - Melbourne Beach

The weather here in Florida has been quite near perfect lately.  The humidity is low, the temps are mid to high 70's, the ocean is a beautiful blue, and the skies are mostly clear and sunny.  Every February I think to myself, "I wish it could just stay like this all year long".  

It was on one of those perfect evenings recently that I met a wonderful family down at the beach to capture some memories in the sand by the ocean.  Their daughter was turning three!  What a magical age :)

There is just so much to explore and discover at the beach!  It's the perfect setting for portraits and candid photos.

You can't help but smile when the sand is between your toes!!

Individual portrait session - Melbourne

It's been too quiet here.  I've had a lot going on - but I'm excited about what is in store for 2017!  And I'm hoping to have you join me in the adventure!!

I truly love connecting with people and finding out what makes them laugh and smile.  When we get together for a photo session, I want it to be fun for you and a memorable experience.  

When I spent the evening with this beautiful girl, it was such a joy to see her come to life in front of the camera and really start to have a good time with it all.  She had some great ideas and we wound up chasing the light until it was gone.

Individual portraits don't have to be just for seniors in high school.  Anyone who wants to capture to some beautiful moments and memories is the perfect subject!

Family portrait session - Orlando

If you follow my blog, you'll remember a beach session back in August that I shared.  It was about a beautiful family that met me at the beach for a sunrise session.  They had two awesome little boys that were up and smiling with the sun.  Well, they now have an adorable little sister!!  I had the honor of coming into their home to spend some time with this incredible, growing family.

Here are just a few highlights from that morning together -

These are such precious moments that quickly pass.  I'd love to connect with you and capture some of your moments as well!  Check out my Contact page and send me a note soon.  I'm really looking forward to some time with you :)


Family portrait session - Cocoa Beach

It's been unusually quiet here on my blog.  This doesn't mean things aren't happening.  It simply means I haven't taken the time to sit down and share my events :)  

Let me catch you up a bit!

Look at this beautiful family!  They are currently featured on the front page of my website!!  Six siblings with the seventh on the way - wow!  Talk about a party! 

We met at the beach in the late afternoon hours.  I rounded up all the kids for some more formal shots before we really started having fun.  I loved how the shoes were quickly kicked off!

It wasn't long before the boys were off exploring the beach together.

These beautiful girls were so much fun to be around!

All three of them are stunning!

We happened to be there at low tide, so I couldn't resist encouraging the siblings to run across the wet sand.  What a fantastic group!  

There is no doubt this new little baby will be well loved in this family!


Family sunrise portrait session - Cocoa Beach

I love the beach!  You would think that living so close to the sand and ocean would mean that I'm there all the time.  Unfortunately, after living here for twelve years now, I have to pretty much schedule a beach date or it doesn't happen.  

Taking pictures at the beach can be good and bad.  The sun can add the perfect lighting - depending on the time of day.  The sand can wreak havoc on my camera equipment if I'm not careful.  The wind may or may not be an issue and you often have to just go to the beach to test it out.  All this to say - I'm more than happy to meet you at the beach for a portrait session, and if the elements there aren't working for us, we can always move the session elsewhere!

Thankfully, when I met this family at the beach recently, it turned out to be the perfect setting.

The weather couldn't be better and the beach was relatively quiet.  And these two boys were such good sports about the whole thing!  They were up and out of their warm beds before the sun was even close to rising.  

I was so impressed with how happy and compliant they were the entire time!

We had plenty of time to get individual portraits as well as some beautiful family portraits.

And we couldn't resist rolling up the pants and doing some splashing through the water!!

It was such a perfect morning with an amazing family!

I'd love to schedule a beach session with you as well :)  Give me a call and let's pick a date!

It's always worth it to get your toes a little sandy!!

Cousin portrait session - Melbourne

There is something special about cousins.  Whether you live near each other or not, you share a family connection.  You may spend holidays together off and on while growing up.  You may spend a lot of time together or just the occasional gathering.  Either way, the relationships between cousins are unique and often times very special.  

I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with four great teenagers who, also, just happened to be cousins!

The two oldest ones were about to start college and the two youngest ones were about to start high school.  What an exciting time for each of them!

We had a great time with different combinations of all four cousins, sibling pictures and individual shots of each of them.

You probably can't tell from these photos, but it was incredibly hot that afternoon.  So, in between posing and smiling, they would run back to their cars and sit in the air conditioning. Their moms had the rotations and clothing changes down to quite an art :)  

But, most importantly, they had a fun time and it shows in their pictures.  That's what I love to capture!!

I love it when your natural joy and beauty shines through!

Family portrait session - Orlando

I went to a meeting a few weeks back and the speaker challenged us to ask ourselves why we take pictures.  It's an excellent question that I have been pondering ever since that evening.  I know one aspect of why I do it.  I love to spend time with people, communicate value to them, and give them something to remember that day together.  

To freeze that moment in time when their son is still young enough to not tower over them in a family portrait.

Or a tender moment between a brother and a sister.

Because each day is a gift and each moment is so fleeting.  It's easy to get lost in the day in and day out struggles.  When things just aren't going as perfectly planning.

But, t's moments like this . . . when for a sweet, innocent pocket of time, the world slows down and you see her stop and look right into the camera - with her big brown eyes and her button nose . . .

And you realize you've frozen that moment - that stage in their life when their daughter was two.  Her parents can go back and look at it anytime they'd like now.  They can pull it out when she's graduating from high school and they have already forgotten those sweet, pudgy cheeks. Or when she moves away from home and they wonder, "Where did the time go?  When did the kids grow up??".

Any parent has heard this countless times - but as one who is standing on the edge of an almost empty nest - they honestly and truly do grow up fast!  Savor each moment. 

Hug your sons!

Cherish your daughters!

And thank you for allowing me the privilege to share these sweet moments with you and your loved ones!  I really do count it an honor!!

Miscellaneous Moments

Has it honestly been three months since I blogged here?!  Where has the time gone?  Where have I been?  

Well, for starters, I shot some photo booth fun back in February

Listened to some amazing local talent (keep your eye out for this girl - she's going places!)

Captured some hard working soccer players as the beachside sun was setting.  

Stopped to soak in a sunset (or two) on the river

And even made a trip out to Colorado for some senior pictures, beautiful scenery and some excellent time with family (which included mountain climbing, rock climbing and lots of snow!!)


I'm back home now at the Space Coast of Florida.  Where rockets are launched just up the road.

And now we're in the midst of prom season and graduation.  Stop by again soon for some highlights from those events.  

And be sure to give me a call soon to capture the highlights from your seasons of your life!!