baby shower

Baby shower - Eau Gallie Yacht Club

When you're welcoming twin girls into the world, you can imagine there will be a lot of pink at the baby shower.  But this baby shower was beyond anything I could imagine.  The decor was top notch and breathtaking.  The food was delicious. The presents numbered too many to even open in one sitting.  And the love and support that await these sweet girls before they're even born, is impressive to say the least.  

The Eau Gallie Yacht Club was the perfect setting for this special occasion.  Here are a few glimpses from that sweet morning.

Chelsea's baby shower-48.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-12.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-45.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-28.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-58.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-11.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-49.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-26.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-33.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-94.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-97.jpg
Chelsea's baby shower-123.jpg

Congratulations, Chelsea!  I know your babies will be well loved!!

Chelsea's baby shower-122.jpg