Prom portraits - Orlando

Prom season has come and mostly gone from our area here in Florida.  I had the privilege of sharing the beginning of a special evening with a fantastic couple before they headed off to a night of dancing and celebrating.  

We found a beautiful park in Orlando.  It was fairly quiet with large oak trees, winding pathways and a stunning white bridge.  A perfect backdrop to compliment her gorgeous red gown and his sharp suit.

These two were totally at ease around each other and it was easy to just capture them enjoying one another's company.

If you're comfortable with a camera around you - it really makes for some great images.  If you need some time to warm up to the idea, I completely understand and will do my best to make you feel less intimidated.  I want you to walk away after our photo session together with not only great images to enjoy and share with others, but also with great memories of a fun pocket of time in your life.  

The individual captures on prom night are nice to have as well!

I love to capture genuine smiles and laughter.  These two made it so easy for me!

These are just a handful of the many images I was able to capture that late afternoon with this fun couple.  We also did more photos at her house around the piano.  Before I sign off from this post, I need to share just one more of my favorites.  With the highly polished black car sitting under the shade of the oak trees . . . it was just begging for a classy photo :)

Give me a call!  Let's have some fun together!!

Family portrait session - Rossetter House, Melbourne

I was recently invited to join an adorable two year old and her parents at a beautiful venue right here in my own town.  We met at the historic Rossetter House for a portrait session.  The Rossetter House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The well maintained gardens and sprawling front porch are the perfect backdrops for a lovely photo session. 

You can even bring along a fluffy teddy bear to join you if you'd like!

There is also a lovely white gazebo tucked away in a corner.  This is the perfect spot to try out your dance moves.

After exploring the north lawn and front porch, we moved the celebration to the south lawn and set up a tea party.  The teddy bear guest was very accommodating and patiently waited for tea to be served.  

Turning two can be exhausting!

Thankfully the gardens at the Rossetter House provided the perfect peaceful setting for a quick catnap.

If you're in the area, I would highly recommend you check out this historic gem in Melbourne, Florida.  And if you're interested in a portrait session at this location, be sure and give me a call!

Captured with your eyes

     My parents came to visit a few weeks back.  It may be their last opportunity to come see us in our home as traveling is difficult for them now.  I had every intention of having my camera out the whole time and even dreamed of doing a small portrait session with them.  But that never happened.  Sure, I took some pictures of them with my boys and my youngest even swapped places with me so I would be in a few.  But many of the captured moments never happened with my camera.  It was only in my mind.  My youngest son once told me that some of the events in our life should only be enjoyed with your eyes - without the camera in front of them.  This was one of those times.  I wanted to be fully present during their time here and look at them with my eyes, not my camera lens.