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Family portrait session - Melbourne Beach

The weather here in Florida has been quite near perfect lately.  The humidity is low, the temps are mid to high 70's, the ocean is a beautiful blue, and the skies are mostly clear and sunny.  Every February I think to myself, "I wish it could just stay like this all year long".  

It was on one of those perfect evenings recently that I met a wonderful family down at the beach to capture some memories in the sand by the ocean.  Their daughter was turning three!  What a magical age :)

There is just so much to explore and discover at the beach!  It's the perfect setting for portraits and candid photos.

You can't help but smile when the sand is between your toes!!

Family portrait session - Orlando

If you follow my blog, you'll remember a beach session back in August that I shared.  It was about a beautiful family that met me at the beach for a sunrise session.  They had two awesome little boys that were up and smiling with the sun.  Well, they now have an adorable little sister!!  I had the honor of coming into their home to spend some time with this incredible, growing family.

Here are just a few highlights from that morning together -

These are such precious moments that quickly pass.  I'd love to connect with you and capture some of your moments as well!  Check out my Contact page and send me a note soon.  I'm really looking forward to some time with you :)


Family portrait session - Cocoa Beach

It's been unusually quiet here on my blog.  This doesn't mean things aren't happening.  It simply means I haven't taken the time to sit down and share my events :)  

Let me catch you up a bit!

Look at this beautiful family!  They are currently featured on the front page of my website!!  Six siblings with the seventh on the way - wow!  Talk about a party! 

We met at the beach in the late afternoon hours.  I rounded up all the kids for some more formal shots before we really started having fun.  I loved how the shoes were quickly kicked off!

It wasn't long before the boys were off exploring the beach together.

These beautiful girls were so much fun to be around!

All three of them are stunning!

We happened to be there at low tide, so I couldn't resist encouraging the siblings to run across the wet sand.  What a fantastic group!  

There is no doubt this new little baby will be well loved in this family!


Family portrait session - Rossetter House, Melbourne

I was recently invited to join an adorable two year old and her parents at a beautiful venue right here in my own town.  We met at the historic Rossetter House for a portrait session.  The Rossetter House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The well maintained gardens and sprawling front porch are the perfect backdrops for a lovely photo session. 

You can even bring along a fluffy teddy bear to join you if you'd like!

There is also a lovely white gazebo tucked away in a corner.  This is the perfect spot to try out your dance moves.

After exploring the north lawn and front porch, we moved the celebration to the south lawn and set up a tea party.  The teddy bear guest was very accommodating and patiently waited for tea to be served.  

Turning two can be exhausting!

Thankfully the gardens at the Rossetter House provided the perfect peaceful setting for a quick catnap.

If you're in the area, I would highly recommend you check out this historic gem in Melbourne, Florida.  And if you're interested in a portrait session at this location, be sure and give me a call!