Family portrait session - Satellite Beach, FL

This summer has been full, and it seems to be a common feeling from most everyone I talk to.  Our summer days always appear to go by too fast and are gone before we know it.  No doubt,  these days are filled with traveling, along with family and friends visiting from out of town.  When you have extended family come to town, it's always a great idea to capture those times together on camera. I met with this family the day before their parents/grandparents were due to fly back home. We wanted to get some great family shots before they had to say goodbye.

And some of my favorites  . . .  :)

Be sure to take the time to capture some memories on camera while everyone is together.  It's always worthwhile!!

Family portrait session - Orlando

If you follow my blog, you'll remember a beach session back in August that I shared.  It was about a beautiful family that met me at the beach for a sunrise session.  They had two awesome little boys that were up and smiling with the sun.  Well, they now have an adorable little sister!!  I had the honor of coming into their home to spend some time with this incredible, growing family.

Here are just a few highlights from that morning together -

These are such precious moments that quickly pass.  I'd love to connect with you and capture some of your moments as well!  Check out my Contact page and send me a note soon.  I'm really looking forward to some time with you :)


Captured with your eyes

     My parents came to visit a few weeks back.  It may be their last opportunity to come see us in our home as traveling is difficult for them now.  I had every intention of having my camera out the whole time and even dreamed of doing a small portrait session with them.  But that never happened.  Sure, I took some pictures of them with my boys and my youngest even swapped places with me so I would be in a few.  But many of the captured moments never happened with my camera.  It was only in my mind.  My youngest son once told me that some of the events in our life should only be enjoyed with your eyes - without the camera in front of them.  This was one of those times.  I wanted to be fully present during their time here and look at them with my eyes, not my camera lens.