senior pictures

Senior portraits - Winter Park, FL

You know when someone introduces you to a great location and you can't wait to share it with someone else?!  That's how it was when Emily introduced me to Hannibal Square in Winter Park, FL. We had such a good time there during her senior session, I couldn't wait to head back there again.  So when Kloe and her mom, Crystal, asked me for recommendations for photo locations in that area - I couldn't resist including Hannibal Square.  I was so thrilled when that's the spot they chose!  I knew it would be quiet, beautiful and picturesque for Kloe's senior shoot.  

It truly did not disappoint!  Kloe was a natural in front of the camera.  Her stunning beauty and easy going spirit made our time together so much fun!!

Here are a few of my favorites :)

Kloe senior-5.jpg
Kloe senior-13.jpg
Kloe senior-16.jpg
Kloe senior-48.jpg
Kloe senior-22.jpg
Kloe senior-46.jpg
Kloe senior-9.jpg
Kloe senior-41.jpg

It's only a few short months before Kloe is off on a new adventure at USF.  I'm so excited for her and what her future holds. 

Congratulations, Kloe! And best wishes to the class of 2018!!

Senior portraits - Winter Park, FL

I know I've said this before.  In fact, I would venture to guess I've said this every time I walk away from another senior portrait session.  "I absolutely love photo sessions with seniors!"  I love the age, the enthusiasm, the energy, the creativity.  I'm never quite sure who has more fun, me or the senior!  

This session was no exception. Emily asked for an urban setting, so we met in Winter Park on Park Avenue.  What a portrait playground!  So many options.  She brought her ukulele, a couple of outfits and a heart ready for adventure :)

Here are just a few of my favorites from that perfect afternoon.

Emily Joseph-2.jpg
Emily Joseph-25.jpg
Emily Joseph-19.jpg
Emily Joseph-21.jpg
Emily Joseph-7.jpg
Emily Joseph-32.jpg
Emily Joseph-40.jpg
Emily Joseph-37.jpg

Emily has some very exciting adventures for her on the horizon.  For now, I'm so grateful I could spend this evening with her and her mom and sister.  Sweet memories were made and captured before the next chapter of her life begins.

Congratulations, Emily!

Senior portraits - Rollins College

These two beauties were the perfect combination for a fun photo session - sisters AND seniors! I couldn't be happier :)  Then when they decided on Rollins College for the location, I knew it would be a very memorable afternoon.  

We chased the light together until the sun had set.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Kayla and Olivia-5.jpg
Kayla and Olivia-4.jpg
Kayla and Olivia-9.jpg

Of course, we made time for individual portraits as well. 

These two were incredible models!


Cheers to the class of 2018!!

Senior portrait session - Melbourne Beach, Florida

Most of the high school graduations have come and gone in our area and summer is officially in the air!  With just a few days left of this girl's high school career, we managed to grab a couple of photo hours down near the water.  It was late afternoon and that incredible golden light was streaming onto the beach.  Kiernan was such a model!!

Congratulations, Kiernan . . .and the whole class of 2017! 

The best years are ahead!!

Senior portrait session - Melbourne Beach

One of my very favorite types of photo sessions are senior portrait sessions.  I love that special age when you're in your final year of high school and getting ready to head off to college or wherever the next chapter in your life will lead.  There are so many possibilities and opportunities in front of you.  Even as many moms are reluctant to see this season arrive, you can just feel the energy and excitement in the seniors as they get ready to advance to the next step.  I've been there as a mom, so I can understand the struggle.  But I just love the enthusiasm that's evident in the heart of the seniors.  

The morning of this photo shoot was a bit on the cold side, but Hannah was up for the chill and looked absolutely stunning.

I'm so excited for what's ahead for you, Hannah!  UCF will be a better place with you as a student!  Best wishes to you and the years ahead!!

Individual portrait session - Melbourne

It's been too quiet here.  I've had a lot going on - but I'm excited about what is in store for 2017!  And I'm hoping to have you join me in the adventure!!

I truly love connecting with people and finding out what makes them laugh and smile.  When we get together for a photo session, I want it to be fun for you and a memorable experience.  

When I spent the evening with this beautiful girl, it was such a joy to see her come to life in front of the camera and really start to have a good time with it all.  She had some great ideas and we wound up chasing the light until it was gone.

Individual portraits don't have to be just for seniors in high school.  Anyone who wants to capture to some beautiful moments and memories is the perfect subject!

Cousin portrait session - Melbourne

There is something special about cousins.  Whether you live near each other or not, you share a family connection.  You may spend holidays together off and on while growing up.  You may spend a lot of time together or just the occasional gathering.  Either way, the relationships between cousins are unique and often times very special.  

I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with four great teenagers who, also, just happened to be cousins!

The two oldest ones were about to start college and the two youngest ones were about to start high school.  What an exciting time for each of them!

We had a great time with different combinations of all four cousins, sibling pictures and individual shots of each of them.

You probably can't tell from these photos, but it was incredibly hot that afternoon.  So, in between posing and smiling, they would run back to their cars and sit in the air conditioning. Their moms had the rotations and clothing changes down to quite an art :)  

But, most importantly, they had a fun time and it shows in their pictures.  That's what I love to capture!!

I love it when your natural joy and beauty shines through!

Miscellaneous Moments

Has it honestly been three months since I blogged here?!  Where has the time gone?  Where have I been?  

Well, for starters, I shot some photo booth fun back in February

Listened to some amazing local talent (keep your eye out for this girl - she's going places!)

Captured some hard working soccer players as the beachside sun was setting.  

Stopped to soak in a sunset (or two) on the river

And even made a trip out to Colorado for some senior pictures, beautiful scenery and some excellent time with family (which included mountain climbing, rock climbing and lots of snow!!)


I'm back home now at the Space Coast of Florida.  Where rockets are launched just up the road.

And now we're in the midst of prom season and graduation.  Stop by again soon for some highlights from those events.  

And be sure to give me a call soon to capture the highlights from your seasons of your life!!

Senior portrait session - Orlando

When Kathy and her daughter, Gabby, contacted me and asked to schedule a senior session, I knew there would be lots of laughter involved.  When Kathy texted me a few days later and asked if we could take the pictures at a wildlife refuge - I knew that we'd add adventure to the mix as well!

The day before the session it rained and rained and rained, but the next morning the sun was shining and the weather was absolutely perfect.  

Gabby had actually created two beautiful wreaths to wear on her head for some of the pictures.  

While we didn't encounter any wildlife to speak of, we did see some amazing Florida nature.  The trees were draped with Spanish moss and added an elegant backdrop.

The wildlife refuge proved to be a lovely, quiet area that offered multiple options for us.  Add to that some different outfits, a very patient mother and lots of laughter!  

Thanks for an evening to remember, Gabby!  Cheers to your senior year!!

Senior portrait session - Melbourne

I always get excited about taking pictures of people in their element and it's even more fun when your subject is enjoying it as well.  Cale is a creative musician and has some great ideas.  When he proposed taking some of his senior pictures with his drumset at an outdoor setting, I couldn't wait to make it happen!  

We found the perfect grassy park with a creek nearby and the setting sun.  Cale even provided the music while I captured the moments on camera.

He was also interested in taking some portraits without his drumset.  I, of course, was happy to oblige.  I've known Cale since day one :) These days are bittersweet as I see his time at home coming to an end, but I'm thrilled that I could share these moments with him.  It's a joy to see who he has become over the years.

Thanks for being such a fun subject, Cale!  Cheers to you and the adventures that await you.  Much love for you always! :)

Senior portrait session - Rollins College

About a week ago I was able to spend my Friday afternoon with some really fun people at a beautiful location.  If you've never been to Rollins College in Winter Park, I'd encourage you to go for a visit.  The architecture is incredible and the grounds are just immaculate.  Combine that with a slightly overcast day and a stunning model - perfection!! :)

Emily is truly beautiful inside and out.  Her genuine care for others and quick smile are contagious.  There are some Sundays that I have the privilege of hearing her sing with our worship band at church.  What a gift to all those who hear her.

She brought her mom and her little sister with her, as well as their adorable little, white dog that never grew tired from exploring the campus grounds.  And even posed for a few shots as well!

When we were almost done, we managed to capture a few shots of Emily with her sister.  Watching the two of them interact and laugh together  just made my day.  I have a special place in my heart for the bond between sisters - and a special love reserved for my own sister as well.  

Best wishes for a wonderful senior year, Emily!!  What an honor to share these moments with you.